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Dirty laundry is no longer washed at home

A service that makes life easier! 5àsec becomes your daily partner and takes care of your laundry!

Once upon a time there was a magical offer … You could put masses of dirty laundry to be washed in a bag. Then you closed the bag, you went for a walk and when you got back, all the laundry had been washed, ironed and folded.

Who has never dreamed of a basket of dirty laundry being transformed into a pile of washed, ironed and folded laundry? It is no longer a dream or a fairy tale! Your 5àsec dry-cleaning service takes over the laundry-washing chore from start to finish.Try it, offer yourself this pleasure, you deserve it!

The laundry-by-the-kilo offer is ideal for all garments and articles that can be put away folded and do not need any special cleaning.

Terms of use
For each offer, a minimum of 3 kg is required / charged.

Laundry by the kilo 40°

Your laundry washed & folded from CHF 8.10* per kilo*.
Say goodbye to the hassle of washing, and get your laundry back clean and folded**.

Your laundry washed, ironed & folded from CHF 13.40 per kilo*. 
You don't have to do a thing, your laundry is effortlessly impeccable**!

Laundry by the kilo 60° from CHF 8.10 per kilo*.

This service per kilo does not include pre-stain removal, special cleaning, additional treatment or ironing. Authorised items: flat linen (tablecloths, sheets, duvet covers, etc.).

*Prices may vary from shop to shop. Offers valid only in French-speaking Switzerland, excluding Vevey, La Chaux-de-Fonds and La Gottaz. For offers in German-speaking Switzerland, please visit the German page.
**Suitable only for garments that can be stored folded and do not require prior stain removal, special cleaning (hand washing, dry cleaning, etc.) or additional treatment. Excluded items: shirts, blouses, stuffed items (duvets, pillows, down jackets, etc), furnishing textiles (curtains, carpets, etc) and laundry (flat linen: tablecloths, sheets, duvet covers, etc).

5àsec advises you

Do your sums! The water and electricity costs and the time needed …

You no longer save money by doing it yourself! Entrust us with this chore - you have everything to gain!