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A solution for each stain

5àsec removes stains carefully after an assessment based on the type of stain and taking into account the structure and composition of the textile fibre.

Our employees firstly examine your articles, the stains incrusted in your garments are carefully identified before they are washed or cleaned.

Appropriate products are firstly used to manually remove the stain. For the stains the most difficult to remove, often of an unknown type, our teams will conducts several tests, resistance tests and stain-removing methods, in order not to take the risk of damaging the fibre or affecting the colour of your articles.  

You can confidently drop off your articles with us. Our teams of experts will find the solution for returning them to you as good as new.

5àsec advises you

By trying to remove stains yourself, you risk making the stain indelible, spreading it or irreversibly damaging the textile fibre.

Tell our receptionist what type of stain it is and where it is when your drop off your articles at outlet.