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Give your carpet a second life

Our specialists combine traditional techniques and innovative treatments for indepth cleaning of your carpets.


Specific know-how and time is needed to clean your carpets. Our professionals are trained in the techniques for cleaning them and this is not done directly in our outlets.

In a workshop specifically equipped for this, our teams conduct an indepth assessment in order to apply the most suitable and effective stain-removing procedure and treatment.

An artisanal restoration and repair workshop completes the care and treatments that will make your carpet last longer.


5àsec advises you

Do not try and remove the stains from your carpet yourself. You risk fixing the stain on the fibre or irreversibly removing the carpet’s colour. Do not wait either for the stain to incrust. Take your carpet to a professional, who will find the most suitable cleaning solution.

Regularly vacuum and shake your carpet so that the dust does not accumulate and damage the fibre.