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Don't get the iron out, get out in the fresh air

5àsec considers your image important, impeccably ironed clothes is the key point.

Our experts are trained in a proven laundry ironing technique and use professional equipment suitable for the characteristics of each type of fabric. 

A garment that is badly ironed or not ironed at all can harm your image.

Demand professional finishing. Our ironing experience and equipment guarantee an impeccable result. Whether it is to remove creases or put them in the right places, 5àsec will know how to make you look your best!

5àsec advises you

When ironing at home, an accident, such as a burn mark on fabric, can easily happen. Indeed, if you have any doubt, don’t take the risk of making your garment shiny or matting the fabric. Ask 5àsec for help; our professional ironers will know how to return your garments to you impeccably ironed!