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Restored to original beauty

Each leather garment is unique and needs customised treatment, capable of restoring its softness and radiance.


Leather is a living material, just like your skin. If you look after it and nourish it regularly, it will remain soft and radiant for longer!  

When we receive your garments, our 5àsec experts examine your leather items and conduct an assessment to determine the most suitable treatment for their condition.   

Stain removing, specialised cleaning, redyeing, nourishing treatment, etc. We do everything to ensure that your leather garments are as good as new when we return them to you!

2 service levels 3* and 5*:

  • service 3*: cleaning, spotting, individual greasing, further treatment, ironing service, gluing, waterproofing, manual surface finishing
  • service 5*: + small sewing / dyeing service

5àsec advises you

If your leather garment is part of a suit or an ensemble, you are strongly recommended to leave all the matching items with us at the same time, since otherwise there is the risk that the colour and shine may not be exactly the same after the treatment.