Our know-how

Our success stems from our know-how, based on our wide experience gained over nearly 50 years. It attests to a pledge of quality, the guarantee of professional cleaning and care for your clothes and all your textile articles.

Our approach is based on expertise in 5 stages:


Each article entrusted to us is thoroughly assessed when we receive it. Your clothes or household linen are carefully analysed. We determine the type of stains and any touch-ups to be made. Our experts then advise you on the appropriate treatments.


Cleaning acts globally on the whole garment. The prior stain-removing stage involves targeted local action. 5àsec has developed products suitable for the various substances causing stains, and the colour and specific type of fabric treated. Thus the prior stain-removing stage ensures that the washing or dry-cleaning achieves a highly efficient result.


Our “Research & Development” department has brought together innovation and tradition in the development of its cleaning techniques and products, thus ensuring that they are best suited to the type of textile.


We are committed to returning to you articles that have been impeccably ironed, according to a technique that respects the fibres and textile. Our techniques are constantly improved to ensure both  ironing quality and work ergonomics for our teams.


After completion of all requested services, we assess the quality of the cleaning and ironing according to the highest standards to ensure we return impeccable articles to you.