General Conditions of Sales


  • The act of entrusting the articles to us shall in itself constitute acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, regardless of the nature of the article (skirt, dress, trousers…) or the textile (laundry, leather and suede, curtains, carpets, sneakers, furniture covers...).
  • Our services are to be paid in full and in one time at the deposit of the entrusted articles.
  • The articles will be returned only against presentation of the receipt (physical or digital).


We commit to use the appropriate professional methods for each cleaning service and to handle all articles entrusted to us with the utmost care


  1. The textile cleaning company is exempt from any liability, except in the case of gross negligence. Our liability is only applicable if the article to be processed can effectively withstand the cleaning process recommended on the article’s care label. In the absence of a care label, we expressly decline any liability. It is also excluded if the customer requests a different treatment from that indicated on the care label or that recommended by the textile care company.
  2. The need for special treatment must be evident, especially in the case of delicate fabric characteristics that are easily recognizable or of that require special treatment. The laundry symbol and/or care symbol on the care label are decisive in determining the appropriate cleaning process for the fabrics.
  3. In spite of carrying out an elementary professional inspection upon receiving the items, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by unidentifiable properties, undetectable faults, or wear, such as insufficient resistance of the material or seams, poor colour fastness or printing, the presence of a pen in the lining, deterioration of buttons, bows, zip fasteners, shoulder pads, ornaments..., or if the care label is incorrect. Liability is not accepted for shrinking or discolouration within the normal tolerance ranges.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any article that might not withstand the cleaning process (these articles are returned in unchanged condition) or to accept said article with reserves expressed in writing, either on the customer’s receipt on handing in the article or by subsequent notification prior to processing the article.
  5. The entrusting of the articles by the customer automatically implies the customer\s full acceptance of all the reserves expressed on the receipt.
  6. The customer may also be required to sign the receipt at the time of deposit.
  7. A guarantee of success of the service provided by the company is excluded. The price of cleaning is due in any case.


  1. We make every effort to comply with the delivery lead times agreed on leaving the article in the shop and, if required by the customer, confirmed by SMS or email. However, delays do not entitle the customer to compensation. The company is not obliged to contact the customer to confirm the availability of the article after processing.
  2. The articles must be picked up within a maximum lead time of three months after their submission. After this period, the company may charge a storage fee of CHF 5 per day or dispose of them without having to compensate the customer.
  3. If the cleaning order cannot be performed, the articles will be returned in the same condition as they are received: in this case. the customer shall not be required to pay the service price.
  4. The number and type of items specified on the sales receipt are decisive in determining the articles to be returned.
  5. Articles that have been subject to compensation after a complaint shall not be returned to the customer : the article becomes the property of the textile care company.


  1. Complaints must be submitted immediately, in writing, or at the latest three working days after receiving the articles, and on presentation of the sales receipt.
  2. Complaints shall only be accepted if the laundry ticket is still attached to the article and the article has not been worn or used.
  3. No claims will be accepted for lost or damaged items within the framework of the laundry service per kilo.
  4. Complaints are carefully investigated by our centralized customer service in Geneva, and a statement will be issued, explaining the reasons for the company’s position.
  5. In the event of deterioration or loss of a set or part of a set (suit, set of bed linen...), compensation for the set can only be paid if the entire set was submitted for processing. Otherwise, compensation can only be paid for the entrusted item.
  6. If an entrusted article cannot be returned (theft, loss, fire...), the company shall be presumed liable. In these cases, therefore, the company accepts liability, unless it can prove that it was not at fault and that the loss was due to an unforeseen cause. An article is presumed lost if it has not been returned within two months of delivery, the date of the deposit ticket being proof.

Leather & Suede

Since these articles almost never have a care label, the company shall proceed with care and diligence, but it cannot always prevent:

  • Slight shrinkage, slight losses of flexibility, discolouration
  • Revelation of hidden defects of the product (crease marks, parasite damage, scarring...)
  • Unpredictable and little-known phenomena (polymerization of oils and impurities) or inevitable effects (fading of pastel hues)

Amounts paid in compensation

1. In Switzerland, damages in the textile care sector are not insurable (ASET - Association Suisse des Entreprises d’Entretien des Textiles).

In the event of any damage to an article or a loss for which we are liable, the amount paid in compensation for the articles is calculated on the basis of the purchase price of the article (proof of purchase required), in accordance with the applicable standard price list of the ASET. Compensation for the actual value or original value of the item is excluded.

The maximum compensation

  • Article alone (fabrics of all types, except for laundry billed by the kilo), leather and suede, furniture covers, carpets, curtains, sneakers...): max CHF 300.
  • Pair of sneakers: max. CHF 300  
  • Curtains: max. CHF 250 per unit
  • Suits comprising two or more pieces: max. CHF 500 per suit
  • Valuable items (purchase price of the article or set exceeding CHF 800): max. CHF 500 per article or set

The company expressly rules out any indemnity in kind.

2. Swiss law is applicable to the exclusion of any other law. If no agreement can be reached, we recommend that you submit the case for expert examination and arbitration to the joint consumer-industry dispute settlement bodies of the ASET.

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