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The additional anti-stain treatment efficiently protects your clothes from the minor incidents of everyday life.

The anti-stain treatment is applied to your garment during cleaning and covers it with a fine, invisible film-like coating. This film protects the fabric from all liquid stains, by preventing them from soaking into the fibres and ensures your garment has every chance of continuing to look as good as new.  

The anti-stain treatment can be applied to all types of fibres.

There are many times, between breakfast and dinner, when that our clothes can be irreversibly damaged by a cup of coffee beng upset, ketchup, salad dressing or even ink from a pen.

To durably protect your clothes, have an anti-stain treatment applied each time you have them cleaned. This will protect them and allow them to be efficiently treated when such an incident occurs.

Do you have pets: cats, dogs?

With the anti-stain treatment, animal hairs can be more easily removed, since they do not stick to the fabric. Ideal for your cushions, sofas and carpets!

5àsec advises you

The anti-stain treatment applied to soft furnishings, such as carpets, curtains, cushion covers and sofa covers, prevents dirt from incrusting. Without protection, this is very often tricky to remove without causing the original colour of the soft furnishing to fade.

In the case of a stain, it is important to have the right reaction: do not rub the stain since this could make it go into the fabric. It is better to absorb it with a sponge, before taking your garment promptly to your 5àsec drycleaners.

For maximum  effectiveness, the treatment must be reactivated after each cleaning.

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