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A solution for any textile

There are several cleaning methods. 5àsec has developed several very different procedures, specific to the type and composition of your articles.

Each garment and textile requires a special treatment. Some care labels recommend dry cleaning and others simply washing. The work of our teams of experts at 5àsec drycleaners is to analyse the garment and its composition in order to use the most suitable cleaning method.

For washing your garments, 5àsec has developed an exclusive range of washing powders which purify, degrease, soften and, if necessary, whiten the textiles. These procedures are combined with mechanical action, a suitable temperature and precise time allocated to the required treatment.

Washing implies the use of water which may prove to be drying for some fragile fibres.  This is why a large number of your fragile garments often bear the dry cleaning label. 

For this cleaning method, several new alternative solvents are used at present, for instance KVL which gives an optimal result.

A dry-cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine, but it is larger and operates in a closed circuit. The solvent passes through a series of filters and recycling.

Thanks to its Research & Development department, 5àsec continues to test in exclusivity new products arriving on the market. We develop innovative, alternative solutions in an approach that is ever more eco-responsible in order to propose the best solutions to our customers.

5àsec advises you

There is an ideal treatment and cleaning program and technique for each item of clothing.

The latter’s label provides basic information indicating the best way of cleaning it.  Do not cut this label off. It is the ID of your garment or other article!